Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's 2014! and this is my first post :(

It's 1.47 am now, while I've decide to write on during the deadline of presentation in the next Friday (1 day to go).
Life have been so wonderful this year.

I have moved to new company, which I think and hope will bring any betterment to my life.

I know that I have so many best friend from my previous company and I miss them like each day, every morning and night. It always bring a good memory, cause we've been through a lot. Survived in the hardest day of working life. So many love that comes but you make it friend zone. It's just that I haven't met this kind of friendship yet in my new company. The warmth, comfort, the people ahhh I just miss them, despite all the pressure, deadline and unstoppable task that come everyday.

I have moved to Surabaya from Jakarta, which is near to my hometown Lawang, Malang. So glad to stay with family and meet them often, at least once in a week or 2 weeks. I miss my mom yes. My dad yes. My sister, nephew and every good people in my big family :) . Somehow live near with my family can give me a peace of mind. I realize that my parent are getting older, and I have to take care of them. Though is not as intense like everyday, but at least I can guarantee to you that both of them are very berry cherry happy whenever they see me. aahhh I love my mom and dad.

I think I will have more spare time, but then again I don't know how but I still going home late often from the office. I have difficulties. I can't understand them completely. It's very slow understanding that coming from me to engage with new company. Therefore I am trying to learn by myself, by spending more time at the office, when there's no one seem so care to teach me. Or at least give me a clue what I have to do. It gave me first impression that they are very selfish and not welcome for any new comer. I am bleeding, and thought that I can't survived. One more thing, cause I have 2 experiences working in different company, it make me keeps comparing. Though I know it's not good. know in my previous, no matter it's a newcomer or not, there will be always one people that show you how to do it. And they are very welcome, so you can easily engage and do what you have to do as your responsibility or KPI.

huhh quite a lot that I can write, at least 4 paragraph in 18 minutes...hahaha

And the last one, just got back from Umrah last week. It's incredible spiritual journey. I talk a lot with God, Allah SWT. I just can't believe it already happened. I went to Saudi Arabia with my lovely grandpa. It was his dream and the late grandma, to go hajj to Mecca. But due to the long queue of hajj quota, I ask my grandpa to go Umrah instead of waiting for Hajj. moreover his physical condition will not as strong as now on, if he have to go hajj 15 years more.

last but not least, please kindly wish me luck, I'll have my preview for my second probation on the next 1 day, a.ka Friday...

oke now I have to go back to my presentation data. :( 


Riya said...

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Riya said...

Blockchain pr buzz is a global network of computers uses blockchain to jointly manage the database that records transactions.