Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Post of 2015 :(

Hey hello dear my blog,
I have missed you, and I just remember that I should come and visit you more often.
Anyway it's been a busy year this year, work life its getting busier.
I got a loooot to tell and write cause I have travel to some places during this 4 months, and unexpectedly so many experience were come.
Starting my new year eve with my bestfriend in Gili Trawangan, Lombok.
February I have to go to Semarang for business meeting with my boss and met Bu Risma in a bus, I just realized that we were in the same plane for Semarang - Surabaya.
Next 2 weeks on February I have stayed in Malang due to some project and realize that I love Malang that damn much. On that week I thought I just wanna stay in Malang and spend my time there.
As February is my month! Yes I am an aquarian, the woman who loves water that much starting from dirinking a lot (mineral water for sure), loves to spend your time take a bath, and the only one sport I love is swimming.
I give my own rewards as I have bought ticket to Bali, as this is will be my first time going to God's Island on my 26th birthday. Thank God I have my close friend there, so I don't need to spend much on hotel, cause I can stay at my friend's boarding house.
Move to March I am going to spend my two weeks at Bandung. Which is boring for the 1st week cause I've just spent my time hotel-office-hotel. But I have a good occasion when I am going to Jakarta on weekend. But staying at my friend's house is stressed me a lot, due to CAT. It is not that I hate cate, but I am scared to death just imagining those cat will beat me and torn my skin. Horrible. Cat is my traumatic cat since I was kid, due to I saw cat bites my elder sister thumb and blood was like everywhere.
The next 1 week in Bandung was much much fun. Cause I have moved to Bandung city and found 1 good guy. He's face was just like Anies Baswedan, our education ministry. He took me to Dago for romantic dinner and said that well he like me. Hmm I thought it might be love at the first sight, since I do feel my heart is beaten faster whenever I am with him. But I don't wanna go hurry. Cause we completely do not know each other yet. I am that kind of woman who will fall in love once I know you. hehe
Anyway, I have stalked this man. Cause I like him a lot, therefore I wanna know more about him. But the result was so heablartbreaking. I found out he is married guy. YES.  He has a wife and 1 adorable kid. How can I fall for someone else's husband. For sure it cannot happen. Therefore I just stop it, and said go back to your wife man.
Well if you wanna know how the hell is that feeling, it was like FALLING IN LOVE WHILE BROKEN AT THE SAME TIME. Could you imagine how hurt that feeling?
It is happiness cause you are fall in love, but than again is was so sad that you cannot have him.
That is just priceless experience for me, it's my first time falling in love with stranger and have to stop the feeling immediately. Sakitnya tuh disini hehe
Okay maybe I will tell you another story soon, whenever I have time I will remember you my blog.
Cause I am happy whenever my finger hit the keyboard to write.

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