Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Aahhh…am I in love?

I just want to feel my finger dance in the keyboard everyday, translate all the feeling and what happening in my day!

Unfortunately, in fact is quite difficult to commit on 1 post everyday, moreover if you…the me.. also have to work in a modern slavery. Hahah!

But now I’m gonna tell you about my blooming phase of love story that I felt today. You know when you start to have a crush to someone, no matter who they will always feel great just to see them! Its riddiculous actually, because when you just like someone you’re going to be really wanna be with them. If that cannot happen, then seeing them..looking at each other…it will be the best moment of the day. I know this boy since March last year, but no action..just know that he was there..thats it..

Starts on September I have an opportunity to talked with him, how beautiful that moment! I started to like him..

Then, the intensity of our communication and interaction its get better…we started to know each other..

And today was beautiful because I met him at 8.30 in the morning, then at 13.15 in the afternoon, though he has to catch me in lift :D. the meeting still occurred when I went down to have a meeting, but I saw him…he saw me…and lil bit body languange that saying “hi..i miss you” hahaha…

The best part is at 6.55 in the evening when I have another meeting..and I keep thinking about him..i was just imagine that he will came through the door to my place. I kept on looking at the door, everytime people came I’m really enthusiastic. One two three four five six seven people came and go…oooh I keep on wishing he will showed up. I am waiting….. tick tock tick tock….

I’m counting on every second… where is him?

Finally! He’s showed up…he’s here…in front of me….oh God…my heart beat is just get faster….

You know it feels like we have connectivity..when I really miss him and I need to see him..he’s just showed up…aaahhhh I like you a lot

Its beautiful feeling..and its beautiful day to meet the person that you love..though not a whole meeting..but at least just saw him..its already able to brighten my day!

Hah.. I’m in love

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