Sunday, January 1, 2012

What is your passion?

A good thing about sharing your passion to others is that youre going to be really serious in what you have been said… like me..someone asked what is my passion and for a while..i’ve been confused…because of all the routinity that happened, all of my passion is just suddenly gone… I love to read anything…listening to the music..watching movie…and journalist world…but that’s the past time…now me, my self its like an empty head..have no idea about my passion.

But, this person is really special…the one that asked me about my passion…and I have to answer..

Than my answer is goes to writing. I told him that I love to write, a novel and short story…yeah I’ve been starting to write some story and novel…but its never been finished and completed :p

Agak malu sii sedikit, but I’m a kind of girl that really love to prove what I’ve been said … than… this is me now ..I’m starting to write again and going to finish all the project that I ever started..and once its finished I’ll show him my masterpiece..

I will fight for the passion that I have, I’m going to be a NOVELIST….thats my dream!

But for this time I’m going to activate my blogger first and becoming asuccessfull blogger ..amin..

So people what do you think…?

Come and lets share our point of viewww….

We’re going to use our brain and write everything that happened to us as our documentary and reference for other people that need it..


Its good nite and its perfect nite to write my first thought in 2012…

I’m back after 4 years !...

Welcome to Sophies World :)

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