Thursday, April 5, 2012

Small Reunion

It has been quite long for us not to meet each other. Yes, it's me, mpok, and wifka..or known as three musketeer hihihi. We met when we are in college, at the same class and be friend,,close friend, or you may call it as BFF :).

Right after we graduate from college, i'm going to Jakarta for working, mpok stay in Sidoarjo and start to be woman enterpreneur, also wifka working in Malang before she went to Jakarta for another job on november last year.

we plan to meet today just to bring a good memory and enjoying the moment of us. i mean moment of us is like when we're still in college, we used to have a bunch of fun activity :)
wifka really want to siiiiiiing and express all the feeling, so we're going to karaokee.. right after that we've just spend the time going around the mall, and little shopping.

without a plan, i thought we're just miss each other :p , so we spend the nite stay in wifka's house.
though i know my mom wasnot agree, she want me to stay in home actually.
but yeah, i need time to just meet and talk with my peers, though in a very short of time.

mpok said, wifka and i is still the same.. huh..what you can expect hihihihi...our personality is just in our blood...move to another place and havent met long it doesnt mean that we're going to change,,hehee...yah probably theres some changes, but not so that extreme.

yup, somehow reunion become a moment of knowing and also memorizing the good thing of us and ourself :)

wish we'll have another opportunity to meet again, in a better occasions :)

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